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Rangiora New Life School is a member of NetNZ, a community of schools from Canterbury, Otago, Southland and West Coast that work together to provide online learning opportunities. NetNZ provides more than 40 online courses covering a variety of subjects from year 9 to year 13 plus scholarship mentoring.

Rangiora New Life School's membership with NetNZ means that students can access subjects not currently available or are still able to take their chosen subject even if there is a timetable clash.

Students who are enrolled in a NetNZ course will have a 1-hour per week video conference or Google hangout with their teacher and other students in the class. The teacher and other students will be from a variety of places across New Zealand. The students will utilise a variety of online tools to engage in learning activities and to interact with their teacher and other students in their class.

Studying an online course with NetNZ requires students to develop their skills as independent learners. Online learning requires them to be motivated, organised and committed to achieving. They have to be able to manage an online learning environment, including a range of online tools, and learn to communicate with their eTeachers and classmates by email, texting, Skype and Google hangouts.

At Rangiora New Life School, the eDean, Marina Krijgsman provides support and guidance to the students. She is also the NetNZ Level 1 Economics teacher.

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