Biology at Rangiora New Life School is one of the branches of Science taught as a separate subject at Years 12 and 13. ​ ​

The topics covered at Year 12 (Level 2) are: Plant and Animal Adaptations, Ecological Patterns, Cellular Biology and Genetics (both Variation and Expression). Students are also assessed internally on their ability to perform and analyse an experiment. At Year 13 (Level 3), the topics covered are: Biotechnology (incorporating research into a Socio-scientific issue based around Genetics), Homeostasis, Plant and Animal Behaviour, Speciation and Human Evolution. ​​

At year 12 various fundamental Biological concepts are introduced and at year 13 the fundamental ideas are expanded. ​​

A good understanding of Biology underpins much of our modern viewpoints of how the living world around us works and is a requirement for further study in a variety of subject areas.


Erica Abelen-Freeman (Head of Department)


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Sarah McClymont (Teacher)


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