Parent Committee - INFUSE

The school has an active Parent Committee. INFUSE's role includes encouraging communication and social interaction between the school and parent community.

We are not just a fundraising group, but a group of parents who feel passionate about serving the school community and supporting parents in the best way we can. Yes, when the need arises we do engage in fundraising, but did you know our MAIN focus is on helping to building relationships within the school community. As such we endeavour to organise social events for students and/or parents, arrange informative evenings on topics which are relevant to parents and generally try to make our school a great place to be part of.

Money raised is spent on equipment and projects that will enhance the school and the learning programmes that are not covered by the operations grant.

So come and join us - it's your chance to have a say, be part of something worthwhile and you might just get a coffee and biscuit while you're at it.