Room 6 - Years 6

Teacher- Mel Doney

As children progress from junior primary into middle and senior primary, their level of independence and ability to explore increases. Children built upon inquiry learning skills to discover new information and engage in different ways to record these. Group and teamwork opportunities are enhanced and the level of expectation is heightened. Pupils have the opportunity to be involved in lunchtime sporting opportunities, and all children from Years 5 to 8 are involved in sports exchange with other primary schools. Children in these year levels are involved in class camps once every two years. As part of extensions to thematic studies, the pupils are involved with visits to recycling stations, solar observatories, Antarctic Centre, museums, historic parks and the oldest children are engaged with mountain biking and ski trips as well as weekly visits to our school hard and soft material technology centres, music room, computer lab, science lab and second language rooms.

Subjects taught:

Christian Devotions

English (Reading, Writing, Oral Language, Handwriting and Spelling)

Mathematics (Number, Measurement, Geometry, Algebra, Statistics)

European Languages

Maori Language and Customs (Te Reo & Tikanga Maori)

Physical, Health & Sport

The Arts: Drama, Dance, Music, Visual Arts

Science, Social Studies, Technologies: Digital (including robotics)


21/6/16 Update - Fish starting to hatch.

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Week 1 - Term 2 23 May 2016
Week 2 - Term 1 09 Feb 2016