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Thank you for your interest in our School. I appreciate very much the opportunity to share something of my passion for the kind of holistic Christian education we are able to offer to 400 students at Rangiora New Life. It can best be summed up in two ways:

A Community which Cares
From the first pre-school visits to the new entrant department (which we welcome at any time) to meeting the students up to Year 13, visitors often notice our special sense of community. It grows naturally as our students develop lasting, positive relationships with others and with their teachers. In such an environment the whole person is able to develop in a balanced way – spiritually, academically, emotionally and physically. This School-wide commitment is based firmly on Christian virtues such as kindness, compassion, justice and, above all on the kind of love that was demonstrated to us in the life of Jesus Christ, a love that puts others before ourselves.

Students who Achieve
I am personally passionate about all students reaching their full academic potential while attending Rangiora New Life School. Our students are excelling in NCEA. In the primary school our commitment to student achievement is reflected in the significant extra resourcing of teachers to assist all of our younger students in meeting the National Standards targets in reading, writing and mathematics. Over 80% of all our primary students achieve at or above the National Standard in all three areas. All students experience the satisfaction of achieving these academic milestones as well enjoying a very wide range of learning experiences, including the most up-to-date e-learning and an exciting co-curricular programme of outdoor education, sports, cultural and service events.

Find out more…
Do take time to explore this site checking out areas such as our 2014 ERO report and especially the newsletters. These regularly report on outstanding achievements of our students in service, academic, sporting and cultural areas. Please also feel free to contact me personally to discuss the possibility of seeing our school in action and enrolling your children here. We believe that Rangiora New Life offers them the best possible environment to achieve their unique and special God-given potential.

- Stephen Walters

Stephen Walters

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