This brownie recipe has been passed down from my dear gramdma Bex. When I was a child, every Friday I would go to Grandmas house after school. She always greeted me smile, accompanied with a warm batch of her chocolate brownies for me to devour. When grandma Bex passed away she left me her 'Bex's Brownies' recipe, and I remembered the gooey, chewy taste each bite of her Brownie gave me. It's my favorite treat to have when I am feeling sad, or just when I am craving the taste of Mrs Bex's chocolate brownies.


The brownie is sitting on a serviet or a mini paper plate. On top is whipped cream. As the first and or second topping, you are to choose from the following:
First Topping Second Topping
Chocolate Sauce Rainbow Sprinkles
*you can choose whether you want wipped cream or not.

COST - ONLY $2.00

Meet the Team!

Ben - Sales and Marketing Director
Iam the sales and marketing manager. He will convince you to buy the product in a matter of seconds. In his spare time he likes eating whole batches of brownies in one sitting and watching Peppa pig. The way to be his friend is to give him food.
Endera - CEO
Im the CEO, im the boss.. nah actually i got pressured into taking this job. i didnt want to be in this. Xanders dear Aunty Bex died and this is what she left me on her will. So im stuck with this job. Also, i like long walks on the beach.
Xander - Production Manager, Finances Director, Chef
My dear aunty Bex raised me up to be a smart and tuff chef. Come at me Gordon Ramsey.
Sarah - Production Manager, Slave/Servant
iam the slave, hired servant in this business. iam overpaid and need a raise.
Market day is on Friday 20th September 2019 Infront of the food room at luch time. 12.45
hurry before it all runs out!
The Product
The brownies are soft and filled with rich flavours that make the brownie melt in your mouth as you take a bite. on top is the whiped cream topped with chocolate sauce that adds with the taste of homemade brownies.