Market Day 2020

Market Day 2020 is set to run on 22nd October 2020, this has been a big part of our year 10 Sustainability course. Students have worked hard to research, protoype and create a product, develop a website and poster and finally learnt about how a business runs. They have worked as a tema to develop a set of guidelines for the team and a costing breakdown for thier product.


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Jacob, Francis and Malte or Brownie Bunch are selling warm brownies

Latisha, Will and Saskia or Bunz 'n' Dogz are selling American Hotdogs

Candy Dragons will be selling Candy Floss

This awesome Trio will be selling cookies and cupcakes

Mia, Caleb and Eli will be selling Donuts!

Ice Cream SPiders from whatever Floats your Boat.

Ice Blocks coming at you from ICE

Millie, Asher adn Tom creating sherbet and pops

Sit back and enjoy popcorn from Pop Productions

Kebab with a difference from Quirky Kebabs

Snap Crackle and Pop bring you Sherbet

Ice Cream Spiders from Spider Squad

Ice Cream Sundaes from Lucy, Latisha and Michael

Treats from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between.