Health is a course that covers a wide range of topics related to looking after ourselves, the impacts we can have on those around us and the community in which we live. It is based around the concept of Hauora (well-being), which provides the structure for our units. Included in the Health curriculum, but also closely tied with our Christian Living curriculum, is Sexuality Education. The school teaches a Christian-focused sexuality unit for each year level for those who take the class that incorporates our special character. Specific details can be accessed by getting in touch with the classroom teacher.

In Year 9 the course is tied in closely to Physical Education and what is taught relates strongly to what they are doing across both classes. The topics are…. Me, Myself and I + Goal Setting – Focusing on our strengths and building on our weaknesses, whilst learning to write SMART goals for the year Human Body – Bones, muscles and things that can go wrong Hauora – Overview of Hauora and how our overall well-being influences us Interpersonal Skills – Skills for relating to other effectively including constructive problem solving

In Year 10 Health splits from time sharing with Physical Education and has two periods per week where the topics are: Hauora – How to manage our own well-being, Change, Loss, and Grief – Exploring the thoughts and feelings associated with major change and how to healthily manage them, Drugs and Alcohol – The pressures and impacts of drug use, and Human Body – Bones and muscles and how our body works.

Year 11 begins our NCEA curriculum where we focus on 5 standards, including one external. The standards cover:
90971 – Taking action to enhance an aspect of well-being
90972 – Analyse an adolescent eating pattern – external standard
91097 – Managing change
90973 – Interpersonal skills
90974 – Promoting positive sexuality

Year 12 begins to look at the impacts our choices make on those around us and takes the planning skills the students have developed in year 11 and extends them into crafting strategies that can bring overall well-being. The standards we cover are:
91235 – Analyse an adolescent health issue – external standard
91236 – Evaluate factors that influence people’s ability to manage change
91237 – Take action to enhance well-being
91239 – Identifying issues with sexuality and gender

Year 13 looks at national and international health issues and is focused on identifying underlying determinants that influence those issues and developing strategies to solve them. The standards that are covered are: 91461 – Analyse a New Zealand Health Issue
91462 – Analyse an international Health issue
91463 – Health Practices in New Zealand
91464 – Analyse a contemporary ethical issue


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