Chemistry at Rangiora New Life School is one of the branches of Science taught as a separate subject at Years 12 and 13. ​ ​

The topics covered at Year 12 (Level 2) are: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis, Oxidation-Reduction Reactions, Bonding and Structure, Organic Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity. At Year 13 (Level 3) the topics are: Spectoscopic Analysis, Oxidation-Reduction Processes, Thermochemistry, Organic Chemistry and Equilibrium Processes. ​​

At year 12 various fundamental chemistry concepts are introduced at year 13 the fundamental ideas are broadened and generalised. ​​

A good understanding of Chemistry underpins much of our modern way of life and is a requirement for further study in a variety of subject areas.


Lyn McEwan (Head of Department)


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