Room 1 - New Entrants, Year 1

Teachers - Robyn Schilt-Rolleston

The main focus of the early years is building on the key abilities, achievements and skills of literacy and numeracy. All the students are regularly monitored as to achievement and progress against the National Standards in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics as well as the whole of the curriculum. The aim is to instil in our students the ability to work cooperatively and effectively in group situations, as well as to develop independent work competencies. Digital technologies are a vital aspect of the teaching and learning. Children also engage in activities outside the classroom such as visits to museums, farms, historic parks which relate to their thematic studies.

Subjects taught:

Christian Devotions

English: Reading, Writing, Oral Language, Handwriting and Spelling

Mathematics: Number, Measurement, Geometry, Algebra, Statistics

The Arts: Drama, Dance, Music, Visual Arts

Topic: Science, Social Studies, Health, Technology, Maori Language and Custom.

Physical Education: Sport and PMP.

We are fortunate to be able to utilize the expertise of our senior school colleagues working with the students in their purpose built rooms for Science, Music, Technology, Drama etc.

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Alwyn McRandle and Thecla Lill

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Week 1 - Term 3 15 Aug 2016
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Week 10 - Term 2 04 Jul 2016
Week 4 - Term 2 20 Jun 2016