School Life For Primary Students

Welcome to Years 1 to 8. Our teachers provide a range of exciting activities, welcoming and colourful classrooms and closely monitor the progress of every child. The children in the school are warm and friendly, and new children are quickly assimilated and feel supported and nurtured.

Our academic programmes are strongly Christian based, and meet all the requirements of the New Zealand national curriculum. Our nationally normed tests show that our children do well compared to national averages. We have an active special needs team who provided intensive support to children facing learning challenges, and our special abilities programmes provides added interest to those exhibiting strengths.

The Rangiora New Life School Curriculum

  • Is taught by fully qualified, Christian teachers.
  • Reflects the Special Character of our School.
  • Is broad based at the Junior Levels to reflect the New Zealand Curriculum Framework requirements.
  • Allows for specialisation at the Senior Levels.
  • Encourages multi-level studies at the Senior Levels.
  • Provides Career Advice programmes and Work Exploration.

Rangiora New Life has a tradition of strong achievements in sport, and our staff and parents provide coaching in football, touch rugby, basketball, netball and cricket. In addition we join with neighbouring schools in sports exchanges and perform well in Cross Country and Athletics meets.

We run a number of activities outside the classroom taking trips to various museums, farmyards, science discovery, and undertake field trips which complement our curriculum studies. We also hold camps or overnighters to develop greater independence and confidence. All of our outdoor activities are fully supported by an active parent community.

We believe that parents are their child's first educators, and our aim is to support parents in their God ordained role to train their children to become adults who will ultimately become positive influencers within society and outwards to the world.

Ross Nicholson

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Head of Primary

Phone (03) 313 6332 ext 713

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Our Primary Classes:

Room 1: Year 1 - Miss Claire Leversha »

Room 2: Year 2 - Mrs Robyn Schilt-Rolleston »

Room 3: Year 1 - Mrs Rochelle Keats »

Room 4: Year 2 - Mrs Alwyn McRandle » & Mrs Thecla Lill »

Room 5: Years 3 & 4 - Mr Michael Keats »

Room 6: Year 3 & 4 - Mrs Heather Tindall »

Room 7: Years 5 & 6 - Mrs Leanne Young »

Room 8: Years 5 & 6 - Mrs Melanie Doney »

Room 9: Years 7 & 8 - Mr Graeme Tindall »

Room 10: Years 7 & 8 - Mr Duncan Webb »

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.